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Feedback is appreciated.

  • Previously the e-mail features in MediaWiki had been disabled -- several are now enabled.
  • Open account creation and editing without login have been disabled due to the recent heavy (at least for us!) spamming. Any wiki admin can create an account for you, don't hesitate to ask.
  • The deed was done at 0530 (UTC). Welcome to ##C.
  • Zhivago will initiate the move (to ##c, see next item) sometime March 17th around 0800 (UTC).
  • The fate of #C is being decided, or perhaps explained.
  • Installed Turck-MMCache. It made a tremendous difference. Also played with the skin handling to accommodate the icon.
  • Wiki URL's shortened (the /index.php part is now optional).
  • Manual page redirection to added, for use in bot url's.
  • Default site now comes here, the old page is still available with a specific request.
  • Supybot is now running
    Some people disliked Infobot; okay we'll try this one for a bit.
  • Infobot is now running.
    Do you hate it? Is an infobot a good idea, but this one sucks? Should there be no bot at all?
  • MediaWiki installed -- please use it and provide feedback. Thanks!
  • Web site moved to a new server.

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