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Welcome to #C on Freenode and Libera

We discuss all aspects of programming in C.

C1x was adopted. All hail ISO/IEC 9899:2011!

The Standard is available; it makes sense for a professional C programmer to have it at their side, and can be cheap enough for even a student or hobbyist.

C++ and C# are off-topic. Come on, they aren't C.

Related channels exist to cover things in more detail, are topical for your discussion or as an alternative, e.g., ##c++, ##csharp, #editor-wars, #emacs, #posix, #sockets, #tcpip, #vile, #vim, #workingset, #wxwidgets, #xemacs and #Xlib.

Why we get peeved -- bofh

On Freenode we were in ##c per the (then new(er)) Freenode policy. See the discussion page for some of the history. And we're back in #c on the new Freenode. Then Freenode changed so we moved (more or less) to

There is also a page on religion in C.

Contributing to this wiki

Ask one of the wiki admins for an account.


Our channel topic was huge, hence the birth of this site. Here is the original:

C Programming


A number of people have commented that the INTRO link is of poor quality (and it's dead now) so we are looking for a replacement. Proposed alternatives so far:


  • Standard C does not know nor care about colors, mice, windows, keyboards, networks or any other system specific things. If you want help with something like that, you would (hint) want to tell us what OS, compiler, tools or libraries you are or intend to use/abuse.
    --Provided by pragma_ from author unknown

Additional materials

  • Books, including K&R and TAOCP
  • Code Snippets for common topics/problems
  • C gotchas C_gotchas things that trip up beginning programmers
  • Software, including compilers, IDE's, tools and utilities
  • Usenet, including groups and notables
  • Web resources, including C of Peril and reference sites

Stuff that should be avoided

  • C Tutorial:
    Several channel regulars have declared this horrible.
  • C Tutorial:
    Another horrible one....
  • Books written by Yashwant Kanetkar including Let US C, Working with C and Data structure through C. The problem with his books is that, though easy to read, they contain a lot of factual errors. They do not address the fact that certain aspects of C are implementation dependent.
  • Teach Yourself C in 24 Hours:
    It's difficult to find a page without an error....
  • C For Dummies: Same as above.
  • C Language Course:
    Same as above.
  • Learn C The Hard Way by Zed A. Shaw:
    Too many factual problems and a presentation that gets you to do things wrongly before being shown how to do it correctly, and not even always then.
  • Build Your Own Lisp:
    Bad C and terrible rationales.
  • Understanding and Using C Pointers by Richard M. Reese: Horribly written, conflates language specification and implementation, and describes concepts confusingly and/or wrongly in many cases.
  • Beej's Guide to C:
    Full of mistakes.
  • Anything written by Harry H. Chaudhary. Most pages have at least one technical error, and the writing is plain awful to boot.
  • Wikibooks C Programming:
    Many errors, lack of understanding of simple concepts.
  • The C tutorial on
    Too many mistakes to enumerate.


RSS and Atom feeds are supported.


The wiki admins should be able to help with any issues, including creating accounts for those that wish to contribute.

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