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Other channels exist to cover things in more detail, or are more appropriate to the topic you raise, e.g.,

  • #macdev for Mac Programming, typically Objective-C with Carbon or Cocoa Frameworks
  • #emacs for editing with GNU Emacs
  • ##kernel to discuss "any" kernel, though their topic has only Linux info
  • ##posix for Posix related discussions, for example programs written to the POSIX standards, rather than the ANSI or ISO C standards
  • #sockets for sockets and user mode network programming issues
  • ##stdio for a place to brag about your project, or just talk
  • #tcpip for the TCP/IP and related protocols
  • #vile for editing with vile
  • #vim for editing with VIM
  • #workingset for POSIX tool chain questions (make file, assemblers, debuggers, etc.
  • #Xlib for Xlib and X11 related protocols
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