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Broad coverage
Axiomatic Multi-Platform C Comeau GNU Compiler Collection
lcc TenDRA C/C++ clang: a C language family frontend for LLVM
Apple Macintosh
Apple XCode (clang+IDE) Apple Macintosh Programmer's Workshop Leonardo IDE (and compiler) (discontinued)  
UPS Debugger (C interpreter)    
Intel C++ (and C) for Linux TinyCC, for Linux/x86  
Sun Studio 11 Solaris/Linux Suite    
Microsoft Windows (aka Win32)
Digital Mars C/C++ Compiler Microsoft eMbedded Visual C++ Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Express
Microsoft .NET Framework Developer SDK's OpenWatcom Bloodshed Dev-C++ (and C)
Borland C++Builder lcc-win32 PellesC  
BSD C, for 8080/Z80 CP/M    
Of Interest
CCured Memory safe translator LLVM Low Level Virtual Machine Open64 Compiler Tools
PathScale 64bit    

Note: lcc and lcc-win32 are different compilers, the latter originally based on the former.

Editors and IDEs

C-like Interpreters


Standard C


  • GTK+, a library for creating graphical user interfaces,
    • ATK, "interfaces for accessibility"
    • GLib, "low-level core library that forms the basis of GTK+"
    • Pango, "layout and rendering of text, with an emphasis on internationalization"
  • LIBH (written by our own Skapare), a collection of functions for C programming intended to be helpful or handy:


Curses provides terminal independent control of a terminal, especially with respect to display but in newer incarnations a nice degree of independence for input as well.



The Vstr site has a review of numerous string libraries, including all the above, at

Tools and Utilities

  • cscope - source browser, integrates into vim and (x)emacs.
  • cproto - generates function prototypes from source containing definitions.
  • Exuberant Ctags - generates tag files (for use by editors and such) from source.
  • diffstat - reads the output of the diff command and displays a statistics.
  • cutils - Collection of utilities for C programmers (cdecl, cundecl, cobfusc, more).
  • splint - static code analyzer.
  • NCC - NCC is a compiler that produces program analysis information. Also includes a graphical call-graph navigator and source browser.
  • Xrefactory - source browser, integrates into editors. Also can generate cross referenced html.
  • Highlight - Highlights C (among other languages) source code to many different output types.
  • Valgrind An award-winning suite of tools for debugging and profiling x86-Linux programs.


Google/dmoz C Source code directory:

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