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this bot has been decommissioned, please see candide's page.

iso-9899 is a Supybot with the Factoids plugin loaded (and very few others) so it can store and retrieve little bits of, hopefully useful, information; a factoid. the bot must be addressed to respond, which can be done by prefixing your line with it's nickname or a percent sign (%).

as i write this there are 160 keys to 193 factoids, a table of which is available.

it only knows what it has been taught, which is done with the learn command:

 <you> learn wiki as
 <iso-9899> you: The operation succeeded.

factoid(s) associated with a particular key are provided in response to the 'whatis command.

 <you> iso-9899, whatis wiki
 <iso-9899> you: 'wiki' is

unknown commands are also checked against the key list, and a match is treated as if a whatis command were prefixed:

 <you> %wiki
 <iso-9899> you: 'wiki' is

that's it in a nutshell. there are other commands; start a query with the bot and wander around the help interface.

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